Frequently Asked Questions

Having served multiple volunteer organizations, as well as Fortune 500 and publicly traded companies, we are veteran industry leaders. Volunteer Vault provides the most comprehensive report available — no stone goes unturned.

Many people do not realize that because of budgetary constraints, volunteer organizations often use the least expensive background reporting agency they can find. However, these organizations aren't reputable or thorough. This puts others — most often children and youth — in danger.

By offering low-cost, applicant-driven reports for volunteer organizations, Volunteer Vault saves organizations time and money while enabling them to receive the most comprehensive and accurate report possible.

Your report will be generated within 10-20 minutes. Once it is uploaded, both you and an administrator from your organization will be able to see it.

Unfortunately, we cannot assist you in contesting information on your records. However, we can point you in the right direction and tell you which authorities to contact if you do have information you'd like to contest. Just give us a call.

No. We take every measure to ensure your privacy is maintained. Our backend site is protected by Verizon Cybertrust Security, which means we adhere to 31 different security policies that affect all critical control groups within an organization. For more information about Verizon Cybertrust Security, click here. To read our privacy policy, click here.