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Safety has never been more important.

Volunteer organizations provide tremendous opportunity, but they're also open to tremendous risk. It's more important than ever to make sure everyone within your organization — including volunteers and those you serve — is safe and protected.

We've provided background reporting services to countless volunteer organizations across the country, and know what's important to you: convenience, affordability and unparalleled accuracy.

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Receive a Digital Verification Badge
After you receive your background report from Volunteer Vault, what's next?

You'll receive a personalized Digital Verification Badge, which enables you to quickly and easily show organizations that you've completed a background check. The badge itself is a QR code, which can be implemented into social media profiles, placed on resumes, and more. When an organization administrator clicks or scans the QR code, they're taken to your personal verification page, which confirms the results of your background report.

With a Volunteer Vault Verification Badge, you can:

  • Stand out as a preferred volunteer
  • Move through the onboarding process quicker
  • Help save volunteer and nonprofit organizations time and money

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We understand the importance of hiring trustworthy, reliable volunteers. After all, the safety of your organization depends on it. Our team of former FBI agents and background search industry veterans uses the most current technology to execute every background check. To learn more about what's covered in a report, click here.

  • Easy-to-use ordering platform
  • Convenient online payment
  • Most comprehensive report available
  • Total security guaranteed
  • Responsive customer support
  • Results available in minutes
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  • Easy-to-use ordering platform |
  • Total security guaranteed |
  • Most comprehensive report available
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