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Volunteer Vault Belief Statement


We believe that people deserve to be safe and have peace of mind in all areas of life. We also believe that safety shouldn't come at a high cost. While most for-profit organizations have the resources to order background checks for their employees, many volunteer and nonprofit organizations don't have the budget or staff to order and process reports. As a result, they may forego the background screening process, or order reports from illegitimate reporting agencies. This puts our children and loved ones in danger.


As veterans of the background screening industry, we bring our deep knowledge and experience to serve nonprofit and volunteer organizations. We have worked with Fortune 500 companies, the FBI, and other large entities, and are dedicated to providing the same caliber of reporting and client service to organizations that serve others.


We provide the most thorough background reports available while relieving financial and administrative burden from volunteer and nonprofit organizations. All fees are low-cost and paid by your volunteers, who enter identifying information themselves. Once a report is generated, an administrator can log in and verify the report. We're proud to bring top-quality, corporate-level background reporting to organizations that make the world a better place.


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  • Total security guaranteed |
  • Most comprehensive report available
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