Giving Matters. So Does Protection.

What is Volunteer Vault?

Volunteer Vault is a background screening solutions company specifically designed to meet the needs of volunteers and nonprofit organizations.

For a one-time, self-paid fee, good for three years, volunteers receive a complete background report via our secure online platform, which you can then provide to the organization you want to give your time and service to.

Why Use Volunteer Vault?

Organizations must ensure the safety of it's members - and those they serve - it's absolutely critical to perform thorough background checks on any volunteers and staffers. However, this process can be costly and inconvenient to these organizations.

You, the volunteer, can further assist your organization by not only donating your services, but also by saving them the time to complete your background check, the cost of the service, and liability while ensuring accuracy.

Once you complete your background check, your information is stored safely in our secure platform for one year. You can direct any organization you would like to volunteer for - from Little League to Make a Wish - to Volunteer Vault. Here they can login and view your background check - at no cost to them. Confidently and securely volunteer with as many organizations as desired - all for a one-time annual fee.

Get Started

Save organizations time and money both immediately and in the long run. Review the steps to order and receive your report and get started with Volunteer Vault today.

For a more in-depth view of the process, view the Volunteer Vault Resource Guide.